School Programs

Looking at providing your child with an active, productive and fun activity during school lunchtime or after school? Our school basketball program is what you are looking for. Our programs are custom tailored to different age groups and skills levels.

We strive to provide your child with a class that will not only improve their basketball skills and knowledge of the game but also will provide a healthy, active outlet during a general down time that will re-energize them for the rest of the day.

Our lunch time program consists of developing the students knowledge of the game of basketball as well as giving them different strategies on how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Our objective is working on their overall game. We will work on dribbling, passing, shooting and defence. What is unique about the Top Notch Stars program is we also work on IQ on the court, and agility and strength training.

If you do not see you school let us know that you are interested and we will reach out to your school.

2023/24 School Programs Schedule and Pricing Coming Soon