Rent A Coach


Our experience TNS coach will come to your driveway or agreed upon outdoor location. The coach will also be bringing some great equipment to allow the athlete to develop his skills. Each. Our TNS staff are all highly qualified and former players themselves. These coaches will bring their expertise and allow our athletes to reach the next level in basketball.

$315 for 6 classes

600 for 12 classes

(*discounts available for multiple athletes)

First week of training will be May 1st, 2023


Personalized daily program upgrade/use of shooting machine:

Top Notch is EXTREMELY excited to announce the use of our shooting machine for our RENT-A-COACH program. Below is a link to tell you about the machine and advantages for using this machine for your basketball development.

This video is just an example of what the shooting equipment will bring to the Rent-A-Coach program.

We are the ONLY association to have access to this machine for 1 on 1 training at the comfort of your own home.

This can be added on to any of the above two options. The coach will create an individualized training program for the athlete to follow on a daily basis between the two training sessions. This will allow continued growth on days that the coach is not with the athlete.

FITLIGHT® is the original light training system. Originally created in 2011, we are trusted and loved by elite professionals and professional sports teams around the world.

The FITLIGHT Trainer™ is a unique wireless reaction training system comprised of customizable LED powered FITLIGHTS® controlled by a Tablet Controller. The FITLIGHTS® are used as targets for the user to deactivate and can be adapted and configured for all sports and training regimes. This training system is designed to capture human performance, targeting reaction time, speed, agility, coordination – all measured for immediate performance feedback. FITLIGHT Trainer™ is the original light training system.

Dr. Dish and fitllight: 411.70 for 6 classes

$750 for 12 classes

(*discounts available for multiple athletes)

First week of training will be May 1st, 2023.