About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Top Notch Stars Basketball is to help young athletes to play basketball at a competitive level. To promote and provide basketball programs and services for all levels and ages of participants that stimulate their health, development, and enjoyment in a safe environment and develops fitness, wellness, social interaction, team work, fair play, and representative and leadership opportunities.

The Top Notch Stars Basketball program emphasizes three core principles – teamwork, character development, and personal fitness – to achieve the mission.

Our goal is to develop teams that can compete at a local and regional level. Most importantly, players at every level consistently demonstrate continued improvement over time.

Of utmost importance in achieving our mission for our players is that we focus on the development of our players as individuals and as a team.

Our program aims to teach young players the importance of teamwork by learning to meet, develop relationships, and work with new people in their lives to achieve excellence on the court – something that will be important throughout life. Character development occurs through good sportsmanship and ambassadorship in representing their club to the community, and in local, regional and national competitions. Personal fitness both physical and mental is developed through the medium of competitive basketball requiring maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with physical and mental fitness through practices and competitions and maintaining academic performance. (Players who do not maintain all passing grades in school may be asked to take time off to focus on their academics depending on the individual player and family situation.)

Parents have a significant role to play in the Top Notch Stars Basketball organization. We encourage open communication between parents and coaches, to help ensure that concerns about their child are appropriately addressed.